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Tenth Edition Titans

Today’s Warhammer 40,000 tenth edition faction reveal was a sneak peak at Titans. They aren’t an independently playable faction, but Titan models get included in other armies via the Titanicus Support or Titanicus Traitoris Army Rule.

Army Rules: Titanicus Support And Titanicus Traitorus

Titans have two army rules, allowing them to be added to armies either of the Imperium (Support) or Chaos (Traitoris).

Warlord Titan

Just look at that Warlord datasheet. One hundred wounds! 2+ save! An Objective Control stat of thirty! Although it will lose half of its OC when it is down to 33 wounds or less.

Then there’s that power claw, doing a might 24 damage when striking. And the Belicosa cannon with a strength of 32 can wound even another Warlord Titan on a 2+.

Phantom Titan

The Phantom is an Aeldari titan with a surprising agility.


The Tyranids have a titan too! The Hierophant has the Transport keyword, which means it can carry Tyranid models like any other Transport.

Gargantuan Squiggoth

Of course the Orks would not be left out of all the stompy fun. Their titan, the Gargantuan Squiggoth, which, like the Tyranid titan, is a Transport. The Squiggoth is particularly good at close combat.


Classed in the game as a Titan, the T’au Manta is really a gigantic, hovering dropship capable of Transporting 200 Infantry. It’s also got some serious firepower.

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