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Tenth Edition World Eaters

The sons of Angron love to smash and the tenth edition of Warhammer 40,000 is here for them. In the form of new rules.

Army Rule: Blessings Of Khorne

The Chaos gods are mercurial, to put it mildly, and this is demonstrated by the Blessings Of Khorne army rule. A roll of the dice determines which options you will have to choose from each round, to affect your entire army.

Khorne Berzerkers

The Berzerkers have an Objective Control stat of 2, so they’re great for holding Objectives. And with Icon of Khorne, whenever you roll for Khorne’s blessings you can re-roll one of the dice.

Angron’s Reborn In Blood ability extends the Blessings Of Khorne so that blessing dice can be used to revive Angron, placing him in Reserves. And Wrathful Presence (now triggered in the Charge phase) brings an array of three auras to choose from, to ready Angron for the Fight phase. You can even use this in the same turn Angron Deep Strikes.

Daemongorge Cannon

The Lord Of Skulls can carry a Daemongorge Cannon, now sporting Strength and Damage upgrades.

Stratagem: Blood Offering

Blood Offering can extend a unit’s Objective Control beyond even death and destruction (at least until your opponent takes it back).

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