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The Arkham Horror LCG: The Scarlet Keys Investigator and Campaign Expansions

As the clock moves closer to midnight, the streets of Arkham beckon for you and your unlikely allies to return to face off against the Ancient Ones in the newest expansion set from Fantasy Flight Games, the Arkham Horror LCG: The Scarlet Keys Investigator and Campaign Expansions.

Set in the Lovecraftian world as made famous by author H.P. Lovecraft, The Arkham Horror LCG is a relatively new type of game called a living card game. Living Card Games will adapt to the player or players decisions made throughout the scenarios, much like how a Choose Your Own Adventure book would work.

As with every new expansion from the Arkham Horror LCG, The Scarlet Keys offers 2 new components that will make up the new scenario as a whole: The Campaign Expansion and The Investigator Expansion.

The Campaign Expansion

The Campaign Expansion for the The Scarlet Keys adds 10 new scenarios for players to explore, pitting them and their chosen investigators against a mysterious cultist group called the Red Coterie. Both the collective of players and the Red Coterie will travel across Arkham and the globe to find Eldritch ‘Keys’. Be wary, however, as players may also find opportunity to work with the cultists to stop an even greater evil.

The Investigator Expansion

The Investigator Expansion adds 6 new characters and their appropriate 34 card preconstructed class decks. Each deck will consist of all new events, assets, skills, and weaknesses. These card types aim to either help or hinder the player as they move throughout the scenario placed before them. Also included in the expansion will be upgraded cards of ones offered in the base decks for purchase once players have accumulated enough experience points from completing scenarios. The upgraded cards can either be added or replace preexisting cards in a players deck. As for the new investigators themselves, allow me to introduce them:

  • The Butler, Carson Sinclair
  • The Doctor, Vincent Lee
  • The Consultant, Kymani Jones
  • The Operator, Amina Zidane
  • The Photographer, Darrell Simmons
  • The Politician, Charlie Kane

Much like past Arkham Horror LCG games, each investigator shall have a class type that will empower them on their adventures. Who will you chose to be as you face the unknown? Don’t worry if you have become comfortable with an Investigator from another scenario. The Arkham Horror LCG offers the possibility of bringing over your favorite character from one playthrough to another. With so many new ones to chose from, however, why not try one out.

In Conclusion

Not much is known about the story of The Scarlet Keys, but as someone who has played a majority of the game released so far, I expect there to be many twists and turns for players to look forward to. The Arkham Horror LCG has been one that I have looked forward to playing with my small group of friends as they add a chaotic element to the Co-Op game, which makes for a much more interesting playthrough. The Investigator Expansion will be released on September 30th with a suggested price of $44.99 and The Campaign Expansion will come out a little bit later, on November 18th with a suggested price of $69.99.

How will you play? And will you and your friends be able to survive the night and remain sane in your clash against the cultists and their unwavering goal to unleash the macabre?

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