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The Codex Show Space Marine Previews

Games Workshop hosted The Codex Show last weekend, over an hour of previews, discussion, and surprises. Today we’ll be discussing the Space Marines Preview portion of the show. They’ve received a great number of reveals from the full units originally appearing in Indomitus to all new vehicles. Now, GW did not dig into a detailed release schedule, but I expect most to be part of Codex: Space Marines Launch and the few following weeksn. Let’s dig in!

Multi-Part Indomitus kits sighted! Expect Bladeguard Veterans, Assault Intercessors, and Eradicators to hit store shelves with all the extra bitz, bobs, and options you expect from Games Workshop. Look at a few of the models assembled by the kits.

Assault Intercessors
Bladeguard Veteran
Eradicators also leaked Multi-Melta stats

The Multi-Melta shown above was confirmed to apply to all Multi-Meltas everywhere. Choose MM, they kill treads dead.

New units are always a popular topic for a preview show. The Space Marine previews, add a new Captain with Master -Crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle arrives to lead your Heavy Intercessors, likewise armed with Heavy Bolt Rifles by default. These brothers deploy in Gravis armor with T5, W3, and Sv 3+ with the range to reach across much of the new table and touch someone. Their variants with the Executor, DAM 2 and -2AP will make excellent Marine killers, while the the Hellstorm armed brethren advance up the field looking for a “close” range firefight. Close is debatable with a 30″ range on your Assault 3 rifle.

A new vehicle, with all three variants, appeared in the Space Marine previews. The Storm Speeder flies into combat with a three Primaris crew and enough weapons to make my Leman Russ jealous. Given the pictures, I expect it to be one kit with all the bits to make any of the three. As you’ll see below, you’d better stock up on magnets for all ordnance.

Infantry Killer, check!
Tank Hunter, check!
Multi-Role Anti-Tank and Anti-Air, double check!

We only received a rules drop for the Hammerstrike. The characteristics change should be the same for the other two models, the weapon load-out, and perhaps a special rule, differentiating them from the others. With a 16″ move and 24″ Melta Destroyer, little will be safe from a Hammerstrike rush. And if the Storm Speeder deploys from the board edge via stratagem shenanigans, then that Melta Destroyer will be within 9 to 12 inches for the damage bonus. Screen your vehicles well.

New Crusade, why yes, we have new rules for that as well. Games Workshop, however, only shared the one, and what a one it is. Even In Death I Still Serve, take your badly wounded Crusade character and install him in a mighty dreadnought. Lead on!

Speaking of leaders, the new Chapter Command rules provide a host of new leaders for a small cost in Power Level or points to upgrade a Chaplain, Librarian, Techmarine, and many more characters to Warlord. The chaplain rules are enclosed below. More Litanies, bonus to inspire, reduced Commanding Oratory CP cost, and access to The Emperor’s Judgement Relic.Very, very nasty.

Alright, we’re almost to the end of the Marine reveals. This last one lays out Warhammer 40,000 releases till the holidays with a new Codex and three Codex Supplements. I’m expecting them to drop over October and November, but I would love to be wrong and see one big drop. Loyalists get Blood Angels, Space Wolves, and Deathwatch in supplement form, ie you’ll need Codex: Space Marines to use them. Meanwhile the full Codex treatment goes to the Death Guard. Well played GW, that’s top 2020 right there. Someone show the Heretics the door!

Hi there big guy, you can stay as long as you want. The big fellow lurking at the bottom of this post is the Lord of Virulence. His specifically deals with Daemon Engines, accompanying them while providing auras and buffs. Don’t count him out in combat either, he’s encased in ancient Terminator armor, hauling some sort of twin Plague Spitter, and if you survive that, Power Fist to the face.

That’s all for the Space Marine Previews today. Join me tomorrow when I go over the Necron half of the show. Can’t wait, behold the Show!

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