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The Last Dice Set You Will Ever Need

Okay, fine. We all know that the title is a lie. Heck, we’d even buy dice from a mimic. However, that isn’t to say that Awaken Realms’s story dice aren’t the stuff of a DM’s dream.

So, let’s say that you’re sitting behind the DM screen. Your tiefling bard and hexblood sorcerer are approaching the dog catcher who accidentally snatched your harengon monk. They walk up to the guy…

AAAAnd you’ve got absolutely nothing. The creative fog is dense enough to choke Godzilla. You can’t figure out the dog catcher’s reaction to your players’ entrance. You’re not sure how to describe the place. You don’t even know what the weather is outside.

Thankfully, not only does the AR Vault have you covered with dice that can help you determine such things, it also does so with style. Each dice is basically a sculpture in itself, the details so achingly beautiful that I had to fight the urge to make this blog post nothing but pictures.

The dice that you don't know whether to roll or display.
Do I roll these or put them in a museum?

But Awaken Realms isn’t just out to crowdfund the story dice. They’re also offering both the “Blessed Set” (which have more higher number sides) and the “Cursed Set” (which have more lower number sides), the DM meant to use these for things such as rewarding/punishing players.

Making the “I cast Fireball” joke the tenth time in five minutes? That’s a paddlin’.

Rounding out the campaign are five expansion sets in the same sculpture style, which includes- and I didn’t realize that I needed this in my life until now- a space cat dice set.

In space, no one can hear you purr.

The campaign cleared its goal within an hour of launching, but you can still grab some dice until May 3.

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