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The One Person TTRPG Gets An Update

A few months ago (because all of a sudden it’s May), I wrote about Korg, a tabletop RPG you could play by yourself. Printed on two wallet-sized cards and built on barebones mechanics, it was pretty cool concept for a TTRPG. Certainly a better way to spend a commute than browsing the dystopian wasteland we call “social media.”

“If you think this is bad, you should see the shape MySpace has been in for the past few decades…”

But Korg creator Caleb Engelke isn’t one to sit still. He’s throwing us into three more compact dungeons with Korg Slayer.

If a TTRPG could talk, this one would be chanting Viking death lyrics backed by Dethklok.
Am I the only one hearing folk metal music right now?

For those who need a refresher, Korg/Korg Slayer only requires the cards, a d6, and scratch paper. (Or a digital equivalent of the last two things, of course.) There isn’t really any deep mythos like other TTRPGs, but your imagination can always fill in the blanks.

Taking the role of the titular slayer, your goal switches from building a retirement fund to defeating a relentless foe. Picking up where Korg’s mechanics left off, Korg Slayer introduces three new locations/two more cards for you to roll through. (Unfortunately, due to space constraints, the original locations from Korg won’t be included, though Korg itself is still available.) It still follows the TTRPG staples of building funds to get better gear and potential death via bad dice rolls.

Again, if you’re looking for lore-heavy adventures, Korg Slayer might not be your thing. But for those who wish to help the campaign, you have until May 19.

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