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The Pathfinder Goblin Invades Your Home!

NECA and Wizkids are ready to take the miniatures off the table and into your home with this Pathfinder Life-Sized Goblin.

Sculpted from light weight foam and latex, the Pathfinder Goblin stands three feet tall on a sturdy metal base (not shown). Hand-painted details, such as his armor and adornments, preserve the illusion of realism. As for the figure itself, he carries the skulls of his foes on his armor and a wickedly curved sword. And like all Pathfinder Goblins he has sharp pointed ears and even sharped teeth.

Whether you need to guard your treasure hoard or scare a house guest, the Pathfinder Goblin is ready to lend a hand, or a blade, or a bite, maybe two (yum!). Expected release is November 2020 with a suggested price of $449.95. Check in with your local gaming store now to reserve one.

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