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These Dice Smell…No, Really!

So, in my RPG history piece about Ravenloft that you should totally check out, I made a joke about pumpkin spice dice. While referring to the list of results on Etsy, apparently Studio Woe had already taken this idea to heart.

And by that, I mean they made dice that literally smell.

As if people didn’t need more incentive to eat their dice by accident/“by accident.”
Well, good news: don’t have to wait in a long Starbuck’s line here.

Incidentally, this isn’t their first run, having made an adventurer themed set of scented number slingers to resounding success. (You can purchase their dice on their site, but I can only seem to find three of the original five scents. It’s also possible that I’m an idiot that can’t internet right.)

But now the bad guys get a turn at smelling up a table (in a good way, this time). The scents include–

  • Pumpkin King (pumpkin patch)
  • Mummy’s Scroll (papyrus)
  • Blueberry Hag (blueberry muffins)
  • Cemetery Soul (cemetery soil)
  • Vampire Wine (red wine)
Look, I’m very proud of that article, okay? It’s less depressing than the TSR and the Dragonlance ones.
Boy, you know what else pairs great with red wine? Insightful and fun reading material.

But how do the dice smell, you ask? In addition to coating the dice in potent scent oils, the same had been done for the carrying cases. By storing the dice in there after use, the scene is recharged, Studio Woe assuring dice-slingers that the scent will last for years.

Unlike their campaign, which closes on November 1st. Not that it hasn’t blown its goal out of the water already.

Also, holy crap is the campaign video charming!

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