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This D&D Zine Is So Cursed

Just in case you couldn’t tell already, I love scary things. Like, to the point where my current D&D character is a victorian doll-like warforged that charms people via brain-invading silkworms. At the same time, the ADD part of my brain loves things like modules with multiple self-contained stories (i.e. Candlekeep Mysteries).

And if that sounds like you, then a trip to Grizelda’s Cursed Curiosities might also be for you!

Well, I can't say D&D broom closets wouldn't look like that...
“Ah, don’t use the bathroom, dearie! Out of order!”

Grizelda’s Cursed Curiosities gives your players eleven stand-alone ghost mysteries to unearth, each one having their own unique flavor. For example, one sees the proprietor of a teashop possessed by the ghost of an assassin, while another has you inherit an estate that is immediately besieged by an army of angry spirits.

Okay, D&D. No need to bring social awkwardness into this!
Having to entertain guests when I just wanted to sit down and watch YouTube? Legit my worst fear.

Taking more cues from Candlekeep Mysteries, Grizelda’s titular shop acts as the hub of these creepy little D&D romps. For example, in a sample adventure provided in the Kickstarter, a straw doll takes you to Tarver farm. The farm itself had been seized by the bank, the last surviving Tarver doing what we all would do in that situation– use necromancy to seek revenge.

Definitely a venti-sized pumpkin spice monster.
Truly the most evil branch of necromancy– pumpkin spice!

Each adventure is scalable to your party, and also comes with both new items and outright beautiful map art. (The latter being something you don’t appreciate until you have to make your own.) In addition, you also have random encounter haunts at your disposal- such as this example here– each even coming with QR codes linked with special sound effects.

Grizelda closes her shop on May 4.

About the Author
Went to film school instead of real college. Writes stuff, animates things, and programs whatchacallits. Currently playing a rogue/cleric (trickery) warforged that's basically a life-sized Victorian porcelain horror doll. You can find more of her stuff at kerahildebrandt.com, including D&D modules/such!

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