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Titans In Legions Imperiales

Games Workshop (GW) continues to reveal details of the upcoming epic-scale game, Legions Imperiales. This time we take a look at Titans.

Warlord Battle Titan Card

They’ve shared the full Warlord Battle Titan card, revealing quite the array of weapon choices.

Void Shields

They’ve also revealed the Void Shields ability, which allows a Titan shake off shots with an AP of at least -1. Those hits instead are allocated against the Void Shields, reducing the Void Shields X number by 1. When that number reaches zero, the Void Shields are no longer active, but the player can attempt to restart them with a die roll.


There are Shieldbane weapons, however, which allocate their hits to void shields even if their AP is 0 or worse. While the hit won’t do damage, it reduces the Void Shield value.

Light AT

Light AT weapons would not normally be allocated to a Void Shield, but even a Light AT with Shieldbane would do so.

Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan

GW also revealed the stats for the Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan, a more agile but still deadly model with some serious weapon options of its own.

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