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Lorcana from Ravensburger. The hot new CCG based on Mickey Mouse and Disney

Lorcana First Chapter Reprint Coming Sooner

Lorcana was a perhaps-unexpected smash hit, with record long lines at Ravensburger’s gencon booth, and product selling out in the mass market within hours of its release. What this means, though, is that the game may actually suffer due to unavailable product. It takes a booster box or two to build a custom deck, after…

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Lorcana formats you probably haven’t played yet

You did it! You managed to score a Lorcana starter deck and some packs at your LGS during limited release. Playing the starter deck is a blast, and maybe you’ve started to make some upgrades through trades or with those boosters you picked up. But what else can you do with your shiny new cards?…

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Aggro? Control? Combo? Deck archetypes in Lorcana

For veteran TCG players, aggro, control and combo just seem like self-explanatory deck types. Trying to apply those archetypes to Lorcana deckbuilding, however, has been throwing members of the Lorcana Twitter and Discord communities for a loop. We all know aggro is short for aggression, but what IS aggression in Lorcana? Control in other games, like Magic and Flesh and Blood, often relies on interacting with your opponent’s abilities on their turn. Lorcana doesn’t have that kind of interaction. And combos, well. They may be a tasty snack, but are there really enough of them in the game right now for it to be an entire deck type?

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