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More Release Details Revealed for Magic’s Ravnica Remastered

Wizards of the Coast has revealed more release details for the upcoming Ravnica Remastered reprint for Magic: The Gathering. They are as follows: Launch Party spots can now be scheduled with EventLink.

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Commander Rules Committee Previews Doctor Who Cards for Magic: the Gathering

The Commander Rules Committee (RC) has previewed four cards from the upcoming Doctor Who set for Magic: the Gathering. Human-Time Lord Meta-Crisis Human-Time Lord Meta-Crisis is a Phenomenon, which means it’s a triggered kind of Planechase card. It’s based on an event from the Tenth Doctor era, in which Donna Noble touches the Doctor’s severed…

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Wizards of the Coast Announces Premium Store Promos through 2024

Stores affiliated with the Wizards Play Network will receive new promos to use however they see fit, from now throughout 2024, on a quarterly basis. Here’s what’s coming. Fourth Quarter 2023: Serra Angel First Quarter 2024: Lord of Atlantis Second Quarter 2024: Zombie Master Third Quarter 2024: Goblin King Fourth Quarter 2024: Gaea’s Liege Annual:…

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Secret Lair Gets Creepy And More In These New Sets

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced several new Secret Lair sets, together comprising what they’re calling “Spookydrop 2023.” There’s definitely spooky stuff here, but also some Doctor Who and artist-centered sets too. SECRET LAIR X CREEPSHOW Inspired by Creepshow, which was itself inspired by pulp horror comics, this set gives the cover treatment to…

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