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TSR Files For Bankruptcy, Wizards Of The Coast Stays Lawsuit

TSR has filed for bankruptcy, apparently causing Wizards Of The Coast to pause the legal action they’ve been taking against TSR.

TSR has been in a legal dispute with Wizards Of The Coast (WOTC) since 2021, in part over how WOTC sells classic Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) materials sold electronically. Legacy versions of D&D books now carry a disclaimer stating that these books were written in a different time and reflect values different from WOTC’s today. TSR has claimed these statements damage its brand and intellectual property.

At one point, TSR even tried to crowdfund their legal fees for this effort. Eventually, WOTC countersued.

To be clear, this TSR is not the original one of that name (which was bought by Wizards Of The Coast in 1997), which was the first company to publish the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game. Back then TSR stood for Tactical Studies Rules, and was founded in 1973 by Gary Gygax and Don Kaye, specifically to produce D&D game materials. The current company calling itself TSR has simply purchased the right to use the name.

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