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Upcoming D&D Releases

Bigby Presents: Glory Of The Giants

This book will release on August 15th and is part of a series of books focusing on specific monsters/beings from the franchise. It will provide lore about the culture and biology of giants, as well as character options and a bestiary on the topic, promising a gargantuan (ha) 76 entries, with varying Challenge Ratings.

The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons

Also releasing the same day as Bigby, this book is all lore and no rules. It’s actually a compendium of three previous books, A Practical Guide to Dragons, A Practical Guide to Dragon Riding, and A Practical Guide to Dragon Magic. The guide will include information, illustrations, and storylines. This isn’t a typical D&D source book and will have its own price-point, at $39.95.

Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk

Releasing on September 19th, this book takes us all the way back to 5e’s very first published adventure, The Lost Mines Of Phandelver. The book expands Phandelver into a campaign setting that takes characters from 1st to 2nd level.

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse

Releasing on October 17th, Planescape takes place in Sigil, The City Of Doors. It will include a setting guide, bestiary, and adventure, re-introducing the Planescape setting into 5e.

The Book Of Many Things

Finally, the notorious Deck Of Many Things artifact gets its own entire product package. It will include an actual paper Deck Of Many Things, featuring the original 22 cards in the classic artifact as well as 44 new ones. Along with this, there will be the book detailing its history and lore, as well as advice on how to use the deck in a campaign, adventure hooks, new monsters, character options, and more. There’ll also be an 80-page guidebook directly referencing the cards and how to use them in detail. It will even offer different ways to use the deck, including to randomly generate adventure ideas.

Price Increases

As we previously reported, D&D book prices are about to go up. This will begin with Bigby, but won’t apply to the Dragons book, which isn’t a typical sourcebook.

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