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Upcoming Magic Card will feature Likeness of the Late Sheldon Menery

At MagicCon last weekend, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) revealed the artwork for an upcoming card that will pay tribute to legendary magic judge and Commander pioneer, Sheldon Menery. Menery died earlier this month.

The card features Menery’s likeness, which appears to be casting an inky spell. Some have concluded that this means the card will be a reprint of Inkshield. Inkshield prevents all combat damage during a turn, and then creates a 2/1 white/black Inkling creature token with flying. It creates one of these tokens per damage prevented. The card’s cost is three colorless mana, one white mana, and one black mana.

WotC has not announced what this card will be, and has not confirmed or denied any rumors or speculation so far.

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