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Upper Deck Responds To Ravensburger Motion To Dismiss Lorcana Case

The drama over the upcoming Lorcana TCG continues, as Upper Deck has responded to Ravensburger’s motion to dismiss Upper Deck’s lawsuit against them.

It all began when Upper Deck sued Ravensburger over the design of the Lorcana game, claiming that it was essentially stolen intellectual property from a game Upper Deck had been working on. Their claim was based on a contractor who worked briefly on the Upper Deck game, Rush Of Ikorr, and then worked on Lorcana.

Ravensburger then filed a motion to dismiss the suit on July 13th, claiming jurisdictional problems and calling the original lawsuit more “PR stunt than a genuine legal dispute.”

Today Upper Deck called the motion to dismiss “a strategic deflection of our core allegations.” They vow to continue pursuing the case.

Interestingly, the motion will get a ruling on August 14th, after Lorcana launches at Gen Con.

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