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Vampires Vs. Nazis: the TTRPG

Between Bloodrayne and Hellsing, vampires fighting nazis is that weird combination that goes together like peanut butter and cheese. (Don’t judge me.) Bonus points if it’s an anti-facist suckfest with enough personality to obtain sentience. Even more bonus points if it’s a TTRPG. Yet even more bonus points if its enough eye candy to induce diabetes into my retinas.

Gentlepeople of all degrees of life/undeath, I give you EAT THE REICH.

And yes, reader. Somehow yet even more bonus points for that dadtastic pun.

A TTRPG is okay, but I would also totally watch an anime version of this.
I have a sneaking suspicion that this vampire doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight…

The time is WWII. The situation is dire, courtesy of the Allies taking crushing blow after devestating blow. It’s gotten to the point where we’re desperate enough to send in six vampires into Nazi Germany. Their goal- and I’m talking verbatim here- is to drink all of Hitler’s blood.

Yes, we’re far from strangers to vampires in the TTRPG world. But in my personal opinion, EAT THE REICH has a unique style, and to say otherwise is worthy of a duelist’s glove to the face. The vibrant art’s drawn by one Will Kirby, whose past credits actually include Critical Role. And of course, we have the six zany characters to pick from.

  • Iryna. Vampire blue blood that saw her clan killed, and decided to find closure via demonology and headshots by sniper rifle.
  • Nicole. French. Packs more heat than Texas. Has more explosives than a 4th of July gone wrong. Style of magic is defined as “gutter.”
  • Chuck. This rotting cowboy comes equipped with six shooters and a gunslingers charm. Nice guy, if not for his exotic dietary tastes.
  • Cosgrove. This East London native is an illusionist with the undead mafia on his tail. He’s able to raise the dead, but with as good of results as Frankenstein with jumper cables and a Chevy Nova.
  • Astrid. Dying in a plane crash over some woodland, she came back with a connection to the spirit world. Not the machine guns though. Those are new.
  • Flint. The face of the group. And by that, I mean he’s this bat monster/demon/nightmare thing.
…Clearly he’s the healer of the group.

At the moment, these six are the only characters available. However, the project heads claim that their Havoc game engine does allow for some character creation. Furthermore, a stretch goal will see the project heads release their game engine into the world, allowing players to release their own content/TTRPG. (And as far as I can tell, you can also sell your work.) While it doesn’t say that the goal was reached, the numbers match.

As is, the campaign has reached enough funding to save at least two community centers. However, if you still want to show your love, it ends on September 14th.

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