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Warhammer 40,000 Issues Rules Changes

We’re not very far into tenth edition, but there have been many reports about balance issues. Some tournament officials have even released house rules to try to adjust game play.

Last week, Games Workshop signaled that they were taking a look at these issues. They also made some adjustments in the rules materials for competitive and tournament play. Today they’ve officially released changes to some of the core rules and faction abilities for the Core Rules.

Aeldari: Strands Of Fate

The first adjustment is for the Aeldari’s army ability, Strands of Fate.

How It Worked Before

An Aeldari player rolls twelve D6 at the start of the battle. If they don’t like the results, the player can then roll them again, but dropping one die this time. Once they’re done, these dice become their Fate Pool. The player can choose to substitute the result of a Fate Die for one of the dice in a roll, before making that roll. The rolls Fate Dice can be used for are Advance, Battle-shock, Charge, Damage, Hit, Saving, and Wound.

How It Works Now

Aeldari players may now only spend ONE Fate Die per Phase. This prevents a single, super-powerful attack Phase.

You can download updated resources for this below:

Updated Unit Point Costs

To compensate for how powerful the Towering and Indirect Fire abilities are, units with those abilities have had their points cost increased. There’s a new Munitorum Field Manual with the updated costs. The link to download it is below, at the end of this post.

Model Number Breakpoints: Death Guard Plague Marines

Finally, since Plague Marines come seven to a box, they’ve added a 7-model breakpoint to their unit options so you can use all the models you bought without paying for 10.

You can download the updated Munitorum Field Manual here.

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