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Warhammer Fest Reveal: Age Of Sigmar

The big reveal for Sigmar was the Freeguild Cavaliers, additions to the Cities Of Sigmar faction. The free cities folk are “actual human” fighters, as opposed to the other order faction, the Stormcast Eternals (cheekily called “sigmarines” by some fans, due to their similarity within Age of Sigmar to Space Marines in 40k).


These models come as part of the next big narrative for Sigmar, called Dawnbringers. It’s about two great crusades and we’re told one crusade will succeed while the other will fail tragically. Just which is which will be revealed later, as the storyline progresses.

The first book will be called Harbingers and will contain multiple stories affecting several factions. There will be new minis for about a dozen of those factions too.

New Minis

Fyreslayers: Grimhold Exile

The exiles are the last survivors of their holds, which have now all fallen. They seek vengeance for this destruction, and thus wield their holds’ sacred flames. This sense of purpose draws people to their cause in perhaps a less-orky version of a wagh.

Maggotkin Of Nurgle: Phlugoth the Miser – Harbinger of Decay

Phlugoths can be built with either a bell or a scythe. They are “cloaked in foulness” and while some of them have been abroad for a while now in the mortal realms, they’re now coming forth in full force.

Unusually dour for a follower of Nurgle, this sculpt definitely gave me a slight Death Dealer vibe.

Gloomspite Gitz: Braggit Big-Talka – Rabble-Rowza

The Rowza is accompanied by squigs, and its job is to fire up the forces of destruction for battle.

Sir Jerrion – Marrowscroll Herald

Jerrion is an emissary of his king and his job is to muster peasants to war… by any means to conscript them.

Ironjawz Maw-Grunta

This new, especially large model brings even less subtlety and more brutality to the Ironjawz army. It’s much larger and more destructive than the current Gore-Grunta. It will come in a multi-option kit with several different ways to build it.

More To Come

In addition to these models and the book, there will be Paths To Glory rules available for free, for the Dawnbringers campaign. There will also be new free Dawnbringers fiction available for download.

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