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Warhammer Fest Reveal: Kill Team

GW announced a new boxed set for Kill Team, introducing a new and different way to play the game. Called Ashes Of Faith, the set brings the Inquisition into the Kill Team game. It’s also the first narrative expansion for this edition of the game, and offers a full campaign with affects that stay with a unit from match to match.

Ashes Of Faith

The story isn’t part of the Gallowdark series, but a separate release and narrative arc. It’s set on the mining world of Exaltus and is about small inquisition bands that go after “mini-cults.” These are infestations too small and insignificant for a full Inquisitor squad.

The entire campaign can be played through with just the models included in the box. The play style is more clandestine than direct battle, more of a thriller than an action story.

The set will come with a number of unit models but no terrain.



The Dark Commune are the leaders of the chaos cult. Two of the most important are the Demigog and the Mind Witch. These are leaders who draw in new cult members.

There are also three other groups:

  • Devotees
  • Mutants
  • Torments

The devotees are rank-and-file, low-powered, and hoardy. But if they survive campaign battles they can morph into Mutants, who are “blessed” with chaos powers. From there, Mutants can grow into Torments, who are even more powerful. So the rhythm of the game is for the Inquisition forces to try to stem the tide as early as they can.


There will be seven Inquisition agent models in the box. These will provide very flexible builds with lots of options.

The set’s inquisition story is similar to the power level of the old Dark Heresy RPG or the upcoming Imperium Maledictus RPG. That is to say, it’s about a small group of individuals struggling against the powers of darkness and—if they survive—graduating to higher ranks. Thus, there is no Inquisitor model, but rather an Interrogator who hopes one day to be promoted.

Also included is a Gun Servitor with several options for armament. Some of the models are inspired from the class Inquisitor game itself, including the guard veteran, who is a direct homage to the old Sergeant Stone model.

Ancillary Support

Non-inquisition forces can be included in an Inquisition kill team as well. The box comes with some, including Sisters Of Silence and Tempestus Scions.

You can add in a range of forces from other kill team sets, too! And finally, you can use models from Ashes Of Faith in standard Kill Team games.


Also announced were the new Hero set models. These are collectible, blind-buy miniatures used for Kill Team. They’re a Space Marine squad and if you manage to collect all of them you’ll have a complete kill team. The set allows a mixed team rather than a straight, all-tactical squad.


Finally, something new was teased in a very brief video featuring a jungle theme and monster screams. Some have speculated that this could be the introduction of Aeldari Striking Scorpions or Exodites.

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