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Warhammer Fest Reveal: Warcry

At Warhammer Fest GW revealed the new Warcry box, called Nightmare Quest. It’s the final installment in the current season of Warcry.

Nightmare Quest features two new warbands as well as some unique terrain. The warbands are for the Flesh-Eater Courts and Stormcast Eternals factions. The terrain includes a pyramid, some trees, and bridges.

Stormcast Warband

The Stormcast models are knight questors who act on visions given by Sigmar. A team of them have been sent into the Narwood to hunt down specific monsters. One model carries a lantern that contains the light of trapped, distant stars.

One of the new models is a Knight-Relictor, which is a warrior-cleric who is balanced between being a magic user and soul guardian. Its job is to protect the souls of the Stormcast.

Flesh-Eater Warband

This warband includes the Ghoul Gore-Squires, who have petitioned to be part of the great hunt. The presenter called them “ghouls with aspirations.”

There are also the Offal Hounds, who look a bit like baboons! They are creatures who have been twisted to behave like hunting dogs.

The Ghoul Trackers represent the “local peasantry,” while the Royal Flaymaster is a common ghoul who’s been elevated. Though the Flaymaster is still considered a pariah among the trueborn ghouls.

All of these models will have rules to be used in Age Of Sigmar play.

Finally, there will be a new starter set coming this summer and designed for new players.

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