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Warhammer Online Preview Set for August 22nd

Games Workshop has announced a new set of teasers, reveals, new models, and rampant speculation for August 22nd. The Warhammer Online Preview themed as “Shadow, Iron, & Broken Realms” will focus on six game lines; Necromunda, Warcry, Warhammer Underworlds, The Horus Heresy, Warhammer 40,000, and Warahmmer: Age of Sigmar.

Games covered by the Warhammer Online Preview

Live Stream of the Warhammer Online Preview starts at 8:45am for Eastern US viewers , 7:45am Central, 6:45am Mountain, and 5:45am Pacific with a live blog starting 15 minutes later. Sign in to Warhammer’s Twitch to view.

Schedule for the Warhammer Online Preview

Shadow, Iron, & Broken Realms are the theme for the event. What could GW be referencing?

First, Shadow. Are we looking at a closer look at Khaine Shadowstalkers for Warcry? Or are we going to finally see Malekith? A rework of the Dark Aelves along the lines of Lumineth Realm-Lords would be fantastic and give Morathi another reason for jealousy.

Second, Iron. So many options to choose from. The obvious one is Orlocks for Necromunda. The House of Iron is scheduled for release in Quarter 4 according to the last Necromunda Roadmap. Less likely would be upgrades for W40k Iron Warriors or Warcry Iron Golems. I could see a Warcry expansion following Necromunda’s model with each band getting new expansion fighters and leaving the base untouched.

Last is Broken Realms. Soul Wars wrecked havoc across the Mortal Realms aka breaking the Realms. I’d love a big new battlebox similar to Looncurse or Blight War to advance the story and give us some new models.

Alternately, Heretic Astartes, or something hungrier, could be ready to take another bite at the Realm of Ultramar. Breaking apart Guilliman’s home realm would do major damage to his vision of the Imperium. I don’t expect to see a return of Mortarion, but the Necron Sautekh dynasty is right next door. Scroll down to the Galaxy Map at Warhammer40000.com to see it.

So many possibilities to explore. We’ll have some answers and an internet full of questions after the Warhammer Online Preview. remember to get yours into the queue during the Live Blog!

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