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Warhammer Underworlds New Season

The new season of Underworlds adds new actions and new rules to the game. Here’s a quick rundown of these new features.

New Actions


Your fighter chooses an enemy fighter and applies a Stagger token. This allows you to re-roll one die in an attack or cast roll.


Barge is a superaction, like a Charge action. It allows both Move and Stun effects as one action, but the barging fighter is becomes staggered.

Stun and Barge actions


Salvage is a new rule allowing you to discard a restricted power card and draw a new card, if the power card is restricted to fighters which are out of action.

Or, you can discard a gambit card and draw a new Power card if your warband has one or more friendly wizards who are all out of action.


New Warbands

The new season will also introduce two new warbands: Domitan’s Stormcoven and Ephilim’s Pandaemonium. These warbands will come with their own Rivals decks.

Universal Rivals Decks

Finally, there will be two new universal Rivals decks, Seismic Shock and Toxic Terrors.

We expect more detail about these new features and rules soon.

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