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What To Expect From March Of The Machine Prerelease Event

With Magic The Gathering’s new March Of The Machine set going into prerelease this week, now is a great time to jump into the game. The prerelease event games will be Sealed Deck style play, so you don’t have to worry about the huge back library of sets for the various other styles of play. Just crack your prerelease packs and build a deck from what you get!

What Is A Prerelease?

When a new Magic set is about to come out, participating game stores host events which include packs from the new card set. The packs are sealed and randomized, and you also get an opportunity to build a small deck with the cards in the pack, and play against other event participants with it!

What’s In The March Of The Machine Prerelease Pack?

Among other things, a free life counter and, most importantly, six draft booster packs from March Of The Machine. In addition, you’ll get a foil-stamped rare or mythic card you can play. You’ll also get an extra legendary promo, which will be one of the three cards shown below. However, you can’t play the legendary promo in the prerelease event game, so don’t put it in your deck!

March Of The Machine Legendary Promos

How To Build Your Deck

This is Sealed Deck play, so you only need 40 cards in the deck you’ll build. You can get as many additional basic lands as you want at the hosting store. MTG suggests about 17 lands, so you want to play about 23 non-lands in your deck.

You might want to keep an eye out for an exciting new type of Magic card making its debut in March Of The Machine: a battle. These cards are double-faced, and flip from front to back during play. Battle cards’ front faces must be “defeated” by being attacked and taking damage. Once the card is defeated, it is flipped over and the face on the other side goes into effect in the game; often a permanent or sorcery.


Finally, you’ll be able to preorder booster displays and pick them up at the Prerelease event too! All in all, the event is a great opportunity to dive into the latest set.

Sign Up!

You can sign up at any participating Friendly Local Gaming Store now. Wizards has a handy store and event locator you can use to find one.

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