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Wingspan Asia
Board Game Rundown Score
8/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆

Andrew shares his review of Wingspan Asia along with his experience playing the new “Duet Mode”, and tells us his top 5 favorite cards from the game.

Wingspan Asia is the third expansion to the game Wingspan. Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and featuring artwork by Natalia Rojas and Ana Marie Martinez Jaramillo, Wingspan Asia brings beautiful new cards to the table, showcasing vibrant birds chosen from the over 2,800 species found in Asia.

In addition, this game also offers several ways to play: It can be played as a stand-alone game for 1-2 players in Duet Mode, used as an expansion to the original Wingspan game, or a 6-7 player expansion via the new Flock mode.

Wingspan Asia Expansion Board Game

Wingspan Asia’s game components are as follows:

  • 2 rulebooks
    (multiplayer and Automa)
  • appendix
  • 2 player mats (double-sided with standard and Oceania sides)
  • 16 action cubes (8 in each color)
  • Duet mode (2 players): 1 duet map, 6 goal tiles, 30 duet tokens, and 2 swift-start guides
  • Flock mode (6-7 players): 1 turn-order dial, 1 round-end goal board
  • Automa (solo mode)
  • 81 food tokens
  • 30 egg tokens (wooden)
  • 5 food dice
  • 1 birdfeeder board
  • 1 bird tray

Andrew wraps up his review with his final thoughts and shares his favorite cards from the game. Does this expansion spread its wings or add unneeded weight to an already elegant game? Watch Andrew’s review below!


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