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Wizards Responds To D&D AI Art Controversy

An upcoming Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook, Bigby Presents: Glory Of The Giants. contained artwork enhanced by “AI” technology. The artist, Ilya Shkipin, has admitted to using such tools to enhance images he created himself, only for “polish and editing.”

Wizards Of The Coast (WOTC), publishers of Dungeons & Dragons did not know the artwork was partially created using these tools. Once Shkipin admitted online to using them, WOTC released a statement saying they have discussed the issue with Shkipin and he has agreed not to use these tools for new work. WOTC also says they will update their artist guidelines to overtly ban the use of AI art generation.

The tools that Shkipin used are not the simple, “AI” tools available within applications like Photoshop, but are the new style of art generators which are driven by machine learning tools sourced by artwork from other artists, quite commonly without their permission.

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