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WizKids Announces New Star Trek Miniatures Game, Into The Unknown

WizKids has announced a brand new naval-style miniatures game, Star Trek: Into The Unknown. A core starter set will be available in April of next year.

Unlike in Star Trek: Attack Wing, the ship models will be designed to accurate relative scale, and should give quite a feel of the vast size differences in ships. Models will come pre-painted.

Though military conflict will be a primary part of game play, there will also be research and diplomatic aspects to missions.

The game is designed with a narrative campaign in mind, but can also be played as pick-up, single matches.

The Federation vs. Dominion Core Set will include:

  • 1 Galaxy-Class starship
  • 1 Constellation-Class starship
  • 1 Defiant-Class starship
  • 1 Jem’Hadar Battle Cruiser
  • 2 Jem’Hadar Fighters
  • learning guide
  • rulebook
  • 3 acrylic range rulers
  • 15 acrylic system markers
  • 2 turning tools
  • 12 custom dice
  • 24 Mission cards
  • 30 Officer cards
  • 30 Damage Effect cards
  • tokens
  • 30 Equipment, Directive, and other Unit cards

Into The Unknown will cost $149.99, and is for two players. A single match is estimated to take about 120 minutes.

Defiant With Card
Jem Hadar Fighter with Card
Into The Unknown Ships 1
Into The Unknown Ships 2
Enterprise D
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