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WOTC Declares Leaked MTG Ban List Fake

Wizards Of The Coast, makers of the game Magic The Gathering, have announced that the supposedly leaked card ban list is fake. This ban list was posted to Reddit yesterday, causing quite a stir in the community. But Blake Rasmussen, MtG’s Senior Communications Manager, was quick to dismiss the rumor as completely false.

The choice of cards to ban struck some as surprising, even suspicious, but the fake was apparently very good at imitating WOTC’s style for these announcements, including extensive explanations of the logic behind each supposed ban decision.

At this point the self-proclaimed leaker has admitted it was a prank, claiming they were attempting to “gauge the standard player base’s reaction and put pressure on WOTC.”

The real ban announcement will be this coming Monday, May 29th, and will only affect Standard format play.

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