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Kickstarter Offers All-In-One Dice

Unique Dice is out to squish all the dice goblins in the world, and are doing so with an (immensely successful) Kickstarter campaign and a device that can mimic every single type of dice in the palm of your hand. Gone might be the days of hoarding a museum’s worth of sets, or hunting down a particular set to reflect the warforged cleric/rogue that can summon moths.

Dice Goblin: "But...But the pretty colors make me happy..."

Weird goal to pursue, but alright.

My unabashed addiction to consumerism/character aesthetics aside, this little invention is actually a pretty interesting. In addition to having a steampunk design that I will never not be a sucker for, its roulette design actually does mimic every sort of dice required in tabletops of all types. (Though, yeah, this would unfortunately mean having to make multiple spins for multiple rolls.)

These devices are 100% metal and come in six color options. More than that, backers also have the option of adding their own picture to their roulette dice (provided they pick a high enough reward tier).

Admit it. I'm not the only one who wants to put a picture of unicorn Pusheen.

This might make a good stocking-stuffer for all the RPGers in your family, but unfortunately they’re going to have to wait until May 2023 until these bad boys ship. (But c’mon, it’s far better than a Chili’s gift card.)

The kickstarter campaign closes on the 19th of this month, but you can still grab a roulette dice here.

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