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Zendikar Rising Previews And Zendiclues

Has it been a month since I first wrote about Zendikar Rising? It sure has! The wait is almost over. Official Wizards of the Coast Zendikar Rising previews are starting September 1st. Now, Wizards of the Coast shares out previews to many different websites. With a few cards here and a few there, previews tend to get spread out. So hit up a good aggregator site to see them all.

In the meantime, Mark Rosewater posted some perplexing teasers up on Blogatog. He’s harkening back to his Duelist days with a list of tiny hints and partially quoted text for a series of Zendiclues. Here’s a few from the list that really caught my attention;

• “Cowards can’t block Warriors”
• Creature Type: Leviathan Crab
• Three creatures with five creature types
• “If it’s the third time”
• Creature Type: Cat Horror
• A multicolor creature that lets you repeatedly reanimate permanents out of your opponent’s graveyard for no mana
• “don’t lose unspent red mana”
• Creature Type: Mouse

Source @jfwong

Track down the full list and get to speculating. With Zendikar Rising previews starting September 1st and Tabletop Prerelease events on September 18th we won’t wait long before seeing if our suppositions are right.

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