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Zone Wars Kickstarter – Off To A Great Start

As previously reported, Free League planned a miniatures game set in their Mutant: Year Zero universe. The Zone Wars Kickstarter is off to a great start. They hit their funding goal on the first day and are moving quickly through the list of stretch goals.

Zone Wars intro, "Lead a band of mutant Stalkers into the Zone and fight others to scavenge artifacts from the Ancients. Stake out your claim in the post-apocalyptic wasteland – or die trying.

Designed by Andy Chambers (Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Dropzone Commander) with Tomas Härenstam (Mutant: Year Zero, ALIEN RPG, Twilight: 2000, Blade Runner RPG, Dragonbane) and the Free League, Zone Wars is a fast and furious game of tabletop skirmishes set in the Mutant: Year Zero universe."

Affordably priced, the Zone Wars Kickstarter features two reward tiers. Zone Wars Core Game tier lists for SEK 598 or about $53.50 USD. The core game includes everything your need to play with the Ark Mutant (geneticly modified humans) and Genlab Tribe (uplifted experimental animals) factions. With stretch goals, each faction fields 4 fighters.

If you opt for the 4-Player Zone Bundle, then you’ll be forking over SEK 998 or about $89.28 USD. However, your rewards include the Core Game (above) and the Robots & Psionics expansion. Robots & Psionics adds the machines of Mechatron Hive (recently self-aware robots) and Nova Cult (psionic human mutants). Each faction includes 4 fighters at the current stretch goal level.

Additional stretch goals will add cardboard terrain, a fifth fighter, and the exclusive Landshark zone monster to the games.

This Kickstarter closes on Tuesday, November 22nd with an estimated delivery sometime in November 2023. Till then, see you in the Zone!

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